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Studio DANYAWEEVERS is a fashion brand that stands for quality, durability, ecologically, fair trade and timelessness. With each collection we want to make people aware of the consequences of the current garment industry with poor working conditions, low pay of workers and the use of environmentally harmful substances. By working with ecological and recycled materials we want to burden the environment as little as possible. To guarantee the quality of our products and working conditions for employees, we produces our product in Poland and in The Netherlands. We want to reduce waste to a minimum so every item is made on demand. Delivery via the webshop is therefore longer than you might be used to, but this is to help the environment. We have our basic collection that can always be ordered and each year, we makes a collection with many items that can be worn both in summer and winter. In addition, we work with a deposit on our products. In this way, we hope to contribute to a sustainable apparel industry.

We take the other way - Studio DANYAWEEVERS.