Did you know that we have a deposit on our clothing? We hope, of course, that our clothes stay as long as possible with you. We think it’s important that everyone makes conscious choices and we don’t want to go along with the fast-fashion industry. That’s why it starts with the purchase to think carefully whether you will enjoy the clothing for a long time.


In the worst case, you want to get rid of your piece of clothing for a reason, you can return the items of clothing and will receive a refund of 10% of the purchase price.


We also offer a service to repair broken clothes. Do you have a damadged  piece of clothing from Studio DANYAWEEVERS at home and do you want to have it repaired? Please contact us via


You are certainly wondering what we will do with the returns, we assess the piece of clothing and see if we can send it to a second owner, If that’s not the case, we will recycle our fabrics and make new fabrics from them. We also have various zero-waste projects to see what we ca do with our waste. Like making jewelry or carpets out of it.


This is how we ensure a closed cloop system and clothes doesn’t become waste!