Donating 5% of sales to “náttúruvernd”

I believe in equality so with every step we make I've those thoughts in my mind and try to find the right balance between give and take. That’s why I donate 5% of the sales. Once a year I switch to another charity organization. This time it's the charity organization “náttúruvernd

Why náttúruvernd? For my solo exhibition I went to the land of fire and ice (Iceland).
Again I fell in love with the country, but especially with nature that inspired me. It's one of the few countries where you can still experience nature in it's intensity, but unfortunately I also saw how much nature has been loss comparing to my trip in 2018. Glaciers that have declined enormously and the mass tourism that ensures that more roads and buildings are built and people drive off the F roads.

Iceland is also a country that is already very advanced in terms of their energy, which they mainly get from the hot springs, but in contradiction they still hunt whales and that is one of the things that this organization is committed to.

The organisation was established in May 1997. It's a conservation NGO, with the primary objective of conserving and protecting the wilderness of Iceland. From the outset, there primary objective was to establish a national park in the highlands, which consititute some 40% of Iceland’s 103.000 Vatnajoekull Glacier Park was established in June 2008. Since then valuable areas such as Langisjor Lake have been added to the Park , some 13.280 sq. km.